Our Purpose

We believe that People with the same passion should meet and exchange

We are not a soccer club, nor travel or marketing agency,  we see ourselves as ambassadors and a bridge to create opportunities and connect cultures.

We are motivated by passion to build a platform for younger generation to learn and grow through international cultural and sport exchange experience.   Our team are experts in soccer coaching, cultural exchange,  and seasoned entrepreneurs  devoted to make beautiful projects happen while promoting long lasting friendship.

Why ViaSoccer?

Our Mission

CONNECT people of shared passion to COMMIT to do GREAT things for our communities

Our Vision

We work with passionate people through  uniquely designed exchange programs to create win-win partnerships with long-term impact on the participants.


*focus on quality not quantity
*put passion before profitability
*create win-win opportunities

*make life-time memories with endless creativity

It's the different cultures that make this world a beautiful place. We want to help you discover, learn, appreciate and enjoy the differences, and open doors with new opportunities.

We are experts in soccer, international relations and culture exchange.   Our creativity and passion set us apart from traditional culture exchange agencies.

Who are we?