International Coaching Exchange

In a world where interacting with people from other cultures  is ever increasing, those who are most culturally aware seem to have the greatest likelihood of success. We want to be the bridge for  coaches from different soccer cultures, to facilitate their exchange and cross training, and  promote friendship through Exchange Tours.

We are flexible and nimble in designing programs tailored to your requirements and interests. We have partners in other countries and can design a special program for you and your club teams, for intensive preseason training, overseas camps, scouting camps, and exchange tours.

Coach Training

And why is viaSoccer different? We bring different cultures together to promote learning. We  put passion before profitability, focus on quality not quantity.

If we go through the hassles to bring instructors from another country,  they must be good. We carefully select the instructors with a focus on excellence, best practice and innovation with proven results.  We are highly confident in their training capacity and the potential impact on our soccer community.

We will continue to identify market needs and develop series of programs and resources to help coaches improve their skills