How to Participate?

Our creativity has no limitation. So far every project we created was different.  Organizations with certain interested topic can contact us at with your proposed idea or  requirements. We will find matching interest in our cities then   custom design an exchange program including local tour. 

We partner with local travel agency to arrange the logistics. Typically professional exchange accounts for 60-70% and rest is tour.  With the support of the friendship city, our cost is typically lower than the market. However, we are not a travel agency. So if your requirement is heavier on tour part, please contact other travel agencies.

Special Exchange Tour

Why do we exchange?

 Our mission is to connect people with shared passion and create opportunities, especially for the young generations because they are our future.  Since 2014, we have designed cultural exchange programs and tours in sport, art, education and trade.

Traditional cultural exchange tours focus more on the tourism part .  We make it differently by focusing more on learning and exchange  experience in different environment. Another objective is to teach value life lessons to young generation, to open minds and cultivate passion. Through our Friendship City  we expand the area of exchange beyond sport, to other shared profession and interests, and create meaningful projects.