"the 9th wonder of the world" - Sanxingdui

The China of China- Chengdu City 

Experience World's Largest Flight Training School 
Group ONLY. Minimum 10 maximum 30 
Rome departure

Destination: Chengdu China

8 days 6 nights 
Departure date: April or September

Contact:  +393341141560

For students and teachers of Aviation schools, this is an eye-opening opportunity to experience the world’s largest flight training school where 24000 of Chinese pilots graduated.  The Civil Aviation Flight University of China(CAFUC) is the place where 90% of Chinese pilots were trained and also the largest in Asia.  Group will visit the university campus, participate in classes of different topics in the University and exchange with the university staff and students.  

Also tour the beautiful city of Chengdu, the 5th largest city of China, visit National Panda Base, and “9th wonder of the world” - Sanxingdui Culture and enjoy famous Sichuan cuisine!  

CAFUC Aviation University of China

Located in Guanghan City(frienship city of Urbino Marche Italy), Sichuan Province of China, Civil Aviation Flight University  is the largest flight university in Asia and has world’s largest flight training center. It occupies 133 hectares, with 150,000 square meters of buildings. The university currently owns 5 airports, 262 aircraft of 14 types including 45 Boeing 737-300, 800, and airbus 320 full flight simulation crafts and fixed simulation machines. 400 engines of different types, and a 360 degree radar command tower and system  –the most advanced in China. 

Within 59 years, the university creates five categories of courses in science, industry, literature, management and law. It’s promoted by United Nation as MPL class test campus, with 30 bachelor degree majors,  7 master degree training areas, 18 different career paths and 7 international collaboration projects.  The university has 3300 faculty staff, 1300 teaching staff, 400 high level pilots, researchers, professors and engineers. 75% of staff with PHD  and master degrees.