Decades from now, many things will change, but the friendship between the sister cities will not....

Our mission is to connect people and cultures. We bridge friendship cities between Italy and China  by finding matching interests and vision of both governments, developing bilateral exchanges, and bringing people of shared passion together. The process is long and often requires patience, persistence and active engagement of all parties. The different systems and cultures challenge us to promote appreciation of  diversity, seek all-win partnerships and unite people across the oceans to do good things for their communities. The impact of the future will not end when the projects finish.  This is our vision and  the beauty of ViaSoccer projects. We are passionate and proud of  our work, and appreciate those who share the same purpose.

Behind these happy " marriages" is dedication, faith, persistence and wisdom of many people involved.  We are fortunate to surround ourselves with people of shared passion, who genuinely want to make beautiful things happen. We are also delighted to inspire hundreds of people who have participated in our programs. Thank you for all! 

The cities we work with may differ significantly in sizes, but the partnerships we facilitate is beyond the city proper. Since the Chinese population is far bigger than Italy, for some projects we expand to the entire province or region in Italy to offer opportunities to more people.  One objective of friendship cities is to unite people.

If you organization is in the provinces of the above cities, and would like to participate in our exchange programs. Please contact:

 The "Marriages" We Created