Guest Authors

Sports Nutritionsample article

Eleonora Giampieri,biologist with a B.S in Nutrition, specialized in sport nutrition with ISSN International Society of Sports Nutrition, Sport nutrition in US Filottranese  Italy.

Goalkeeping  sample article

Franco Crescentini, UEFA B Coach, specialized in goalkeeper training. He is the former coach for Gambia National Team,  Uta Arad (Div.2 in Romania), Fano( Italy).

Performance Analysis  sample article

Vincenzo Gissi,  former tactic coach of Siere A team AC Fiorentina, and fitness coach of UC Sampdoria. an expert in performance analysis with  K-Sport, Italian prioessional soccer match analysis company.

Athletic Training  sample article

Marco Giovannelli, Fitness Coach of Italy Serie A FC Parma U18 & U19 with Head Coach  Hernan Crespo.  President of AIPAC Marche Region Italy,  PhD candidate of “Science Exercise and Health”. Worked with FC INTER (Coach Walter Mazzarri), AC Milan (Fitness Coach Simone Folletti), AC Fiorentina (Fitness Coach Emanuele Marra), FC Juventus.

Tactics & Techniquessample article

Alessandro Porro,  UEFA A Coach, specialized in tactics and techniques. He is currently an instructor of the Italian Federation(FIGC) Soccer Coach School. He was a professional soccer player in multiple Serie A teams.

  Why THIS Magazine?

" An important thing we can do as  coaches is to constantly improve our knowledge and skills. A

big challenge is that soccer knowledge covers many areas such as tactical, technical, athletic, soccer-specific psychology, sports nutrition, performance analysis, and prevention etc., while each topic also varies by the age of the team.

How could coaches keep abreast of new training methods?

In this age of information overflow, it  is often difficult to filter quality coaching articles online.  viaSoccer Magazine is unique in that  the articles are written by seasoned coaches  with  proven results and practical information on different topics.

                                                   - Coach Marcolini, Italy

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