Professional Exchange 

Custom designed programs for special interest groups, such as photography, architecture engineering, aviation, culinary, agriculture, trade etc.These programs typically involve in-depth exchange in a focused subject, creating long-term partnership. For example,  aviation, photography, architecture, and trade etc.

Study Tour - High Schools

Every Easter and September we organize study tours for high schools of Italian Friendship Cities to study in the schools of their sister cities in China. Students fully immerse in  typical high school campus life while touring the surrounding areas during the weekends.   Please contact your school for information of the next trip. 

For Children and coaches

Let soccer take you to typical Chinese school in one of the richest areas of China outside of Shanghai. Kids will study in schools during the morning, while tour in different towns to play matches with school teams in the afternoon.They interact with local children with the language of soccer.   Our players want to visit again after their first experience. Here is a video of a typical trip. 

For Adult Players/Coaches

We take you to see the real soccer world of China.   Join our China Soccer Culture Tour to discover its reality, potential, challenges, opportunities while touring this beautiful country.

Group will visit Super League and  B clubs, private youth clubs and public school teams. Watch Super League matches, and visit the  amazing cities of Shanghai, Suzhou and authentic  towns and villages. 




Life-time Memories

Discover China's Soccer

The dragon is awake - soccer becomes a big national project.   We custom design two soccer friendship exchange trips each year to discover China's soccer.

  • For children ( Easter holiday week)

  • For adults ( June or October each year)