Taicang China

Awarded as the happiest county level city of China in 2016 and 2017, Taicang has been ranked top 10 richest small cities in China in the past decade. With the 39th largest port of the world, the city has created ideal investment environment with now attracted  > 1200 foreign companies. Taicang is located 50km from Shanghai in Suzhou region(Venice of Orient) of Jiangsu Province. It a beautiful garden city with ancient villages and towns from 1000 years ago. The city gives you a glimpse of fast growing modern China while not losing its ancient charm. population of 940,000.

Story of Friendship

The founding members of ViaSoccer shared the same passion of connecting the world with soccer. They started from their hometowns in China and Italy, Taicang and Macerata. In 2015, two ViaSoccer coaches came to Taicang and opened the door of friendship with a ball. Since then the city leaders exchanged visits and discovered many potential areas of collaboration from sport, to education, trade, art, and more.
In January 2016, the cities signed friendship agreement and committed to actively promote partnership. As of 2017, we have completed more than 20 exchange projects between these two cities involving hundreds of citizens.

Macerata, Italy

Capital city of Macerata Province, Marche Italy, Macerata is unique for its picturesque landscape, ancient historic center and rich cultural atmosphere. A city open to the world, and passionate for its close tie with the Orient, Macerata is also the home of the first Italian cultural ambassador to China - Matteo Ricci, and artist Giuseppe Tucci. The region is also a center of Made-in-Italy, a symbol of fashion and quality.   University of Macerata is one of the oldest in Italy. Macerata's annual Opera Festival attracts tourist from all over the world. Population 43,000.