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2014.11 - Italian Coaching Seminar Washington DC metro USA

2015.1 - Italy - China coaching exchange

2015.4 - China-Italy-Spain Soccer Culture Tour

2015.5  - "Matteo Dream" Charity Event

2015.6 - ViaSoccer Italian Coaching Course 1 in Suzhou China

2015. 7 -ViaSoccer Italian Coaching Course 2 in Suzhou China

2015.7 - ViaSoccer Italian Coaching Course 3 in Changzhou China

2015.8 - Charity coaching event in Suzhou and Shanghai China

2015.8 -  Italy Dream Soccer Camp - Ancona Province Italy

2015.10 - Italy/China Friendship Event , Macerata Province Italy

2016. 1 -  Match Analysis workshop, Macerata, Italy

2016 .1 - ViaSoccer makes friendship cities of China and Italy

2016.1 -  Soccer Dream project - China village school

2016 .3 - Italian Coaching Seminar, Virginia USA

2016. 4 - Coaching course Level 2 in Jiangsu China

2016.4 - ViaSoccer built Friendship Citis of Xiangcheng Suzhou China and Recanati Italy

2016.5 - China Italy Education Exchange via football

2016. 6- Coaching Seminar in Marche Italy on Athletic Training

2016. 7 - Camp Italy - soccer 1 & 2

2016.8 -  China Italy Friendship Cultural Exchange Camp

2016.9 -  ViaSoccer  connects Liceo Classico Macerata and Taicang Mingde Schools

2016.10 - Soccer diplomacy event Macerata Italy

2016.12 - Macerata Taicang diplomatic summit exchange

2017.1 - Coach Seminar Italy - Urbino, 1st winner of China Tour

2017.4 - China Football Friendship Tour - Italy Marche teams to China

2017. 4 -ViaSoccer completes Italian Youth Coaching courses in two cities of China

2017. 4 -ViaSoccer brought Italian Culture Week to Taicang China , food, football, fashion

2017.7 - ViaSoccer's Italy China Friendship Exchange in Marche for Schools

2017.8 - ViaSoccer Brings Chinese Kongfu show to Macerata Opera Festival

2017.9 - ViaSoccer Creates Friendship cities of Urbino Italy an Guanhang China

2017.9 - ViaSoccer bridges sister schools of Liceo Artistico MC and Taicang Vocational School

2017.9 - ViaSoccer completes coaching course in Jiangsu China exchange on youth school in grass root schools.

2018.4 - Italian folk dance in China

2018.7 - summer educational camps in Italy

2018.8- First tourist group of Macerata visits friendship city Taicang to see real China

2018.9 - Educational exchange in  China makes opportunities for the Italian youth

2018.10 - Multiple coaching courses in China

2018.12 - Diplomatic event of sino-Italy relationship to open doors


Matteo of Macerata Italy had a dream - to be coach just for one match, but he could only watch matches. When we heard of this we secretly made it happen with a local team.  In a village of China, there is a team who only dreamed to have their own uniform and enough balls to practice. In remote mountainous areas of Guizhou China, teachers want to start football classes but don't know how, we traveled  to teach them.

These may seem to be a small deeds, but the beauty of life is often found in simple things. Soccer gives us a platform to bring out the beauty of mankind. We are humbled and joyful to have the opportunities to serve, to give chances, and help people's dream come true.

Charity Projects 

help someone's dream come true. From Matteo to Village Soccer in China