Recanati, Italy

Recanati is a town and comune in the Province of Macerata, in the Marche region of Italy. Recanati was founded around 1150 AD from three pre-existing castles. It is the hometown of the tenor Beniamino Gigli and the poet Giacomo Leopardi, which is why the town is known to some as "the city of poetry". It is also the birth place of the ancestor of football star Lionel Messi. Although it's a small city, Recanati not only enjoys spectacular view of Le Marche, but also boasts some of the largest companies in the world, e.g., lighting  company IGuzzini, and toy manufacturer Clementoni. The city is also famous for its jewelry, silver art,  and musical instrument - accordion.  Population 21,000 .

Story of Friendship

After seeing the flower of friendship  blossom between Taicang and Macerata connected by ViaSoccer, neighboring cities were intrigued and approached us to help them to arrange their "marriage" . We are strongly believe that friendship cities is only meaningful if they serve the people, and only those passionate will deliver results.  We are selective with the matching process. When Recanati and Xiangcheng both came to us with the interest of partnership, we compared the cities carefully and found some very interesting similarities and potential. It must be destiny. After one year of hard work on the both sides,   we matched our 2nd city  "marriage"  and they became sister cities. They have began collaboration in sport and education areas since 2017 and continue to grow together.

Our reflection is that those who involve in this project must have a long-term vision and be patient to see results. It can not be rushed, but the impact can be long-lasting if we do it right and well.

Xiangcheng District, Suzhou China

Water, silk, pearl, lotus,  Xiangcheng reminds people of beautiful Suzhou, the Venice of Orient. It's the newest district of Suzhou, but famous for China's 2nd largest pearl and furniture market. Suzhou is called water town of the world, while Xiangcheng the water district of Suzhou.   Historically, Xiangcheng's copper and special clay supplied the imperial  palace in Beijing with bricks and incense pots. It also manufactures 90% of the world's violin strings. Its new industrial and technology development zone along with its convenient transportation grid position Xiangcheng as the new gateway of Suzhou. Population 720,000.