Coaching Staging in Italy

Experience Italian club life, living, breathing in their rich soccer environment by joining one of our partner clubs for " real Italian Coach Experience". While you learn to become better coaches,  see ITALY!

  • Be part of daily club training
  • Observe Italian coaches in action
  • Twice a day meeting/review with Italian coaches
  • Practice training with an Italian team.
  • Learn how to manage a club the professional way.
  • 2-3 weeks, room and board inclusive
  • small group ( minimum 4) hands-on training

Intensive Italian Coaching Course

No time for travel? We bring the experts to you!

viaSoccer's custom designed coaching course brings Italian youth soccer coaching experts to your city.

Three levels of course focusing on different skills with theories and practices based on trainees' knowledge and skill levels.

All courses are 30-72 hours, based no specific requirement. Instructors minimum UEFA B licensed or equivalent, or higher levels. 

  • Level 1: basic coaching
  • Level 2: comprehensive
  • Level 3: advanced
  • Special subjects can be added such as goal keeping, injury prevention,  match analysis etc.